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February 17, 2015  •  3 Comments

Well here we go again. Another late night of editing and my favorite playlist in preparation for completing this blog. If you haven't viewed the "SPLATTER 1" blog please ensure that you check it out as well. Simply click the link to your left under RECENT POST. 

I feel like included so much detail on the first one that I'm not sure what to include here. I'm sure i'll think of something :)

With the exception of Beth, this was my first time working with Janae, Dominika and Natasha. 

As I mentioned in "SPLATTER 1", there were so many images that were captured during this session that I didn't feel it would do it justice to post them all in one blog, plus it was getting late and I was growing very, very restless. 

The second part of this series features images from Beth and Natasha. By the time we started shooting these two models my assistants and myself were in such a groove that you would think that you were listening to a bunch of kids out on the playground. The paint was flowing, the music was loud and the laughter even louder. We were all having such a great time that none of us wanted it to end. 

...a quick break for lunch as we were back at it. 

I really must commend all the models that participated in this series. It wasn't easy to say the least and the only thing that was hot was the results of the images. It turned out to be one of the coldest days of the year (until today) and it took some time for the studio to get warm or at least to a comfortable temperature. However, each model put on their game face and brought it. 

After we wrapped the shoot I couldn't wait to sit down and go through all the images to select my favorites. This process normally takes some time as I typically comb through the images several times narrowing each models images to my top 7 or 8 images and then down to 5. One of my take aways from this project is that not every idea will work or turn out the way that you anticipated so you have to be willing to step outside your game plan and fly blind. I say that because when we shot Natasha I decided that she would be the model with the red paint. After shooting several takes, the red paint wasn't as impactful as I had originally hoped, so instead of strapping the idea we improvised :) My assistants came up with the idea to maybe use two colors instead of one and MY GOD it turned out perfectly!!! Thanks Brian and David. 

Lighting setup: For this setup I used a 3 light setup: Two rim lights (gridded), a large octobox boomed high and a silver reflector to soften the shadows underneath the models chin. Tethered to my iMac.

Again, this shoot wouldn't have been successful without the support of my AMAZING TEAM!

Hair/Makeup: Donnie of IC Beauty

Models: Dominika, Janae, Beth and Natasha

My awesome assistants: Ross, Brian, David and Wendy

Location: DWPStudios

#chasingdreams #bowdownproductions #teamDWP

Stay tuned for all the crazy BTS images and videos...coming soon!

...and here are the results

196196 179-Edit179-Edit 188-Edit188-Edit 205-Edit205-Edit 192-Edit192-Edit


"I REALLY enjoyed working with Dimitri and his team on this shoot. The energy was through the roof! It was much needed because it takes an incredible amount of focus to nail a good shot with all the elements (ie. Wet paint being thrown, fixing hair/makeup touch ups in between takes). I also appreciated Dimitri's level of professionalism. I would have no problem recommending or working with him again. Thanks Dimitri!!" - Natasha Wiley (pictured below)

316-Edit316-Edit 346-Edit346-Edit 320-Edit320-Edit 317-Edit317-Edit 325-Edit325-Edit

Thank you for checking out my blog! 





Numbers 4 in the first set (the bubble looks like an alien head and neck moving to camera right) and the last one in the second set (love the expression) are my favorites but I love the whole concept.
Nancy Nickel(non-registered)
CONGRATS!!! Have to say my favorite concept that you have done; love the vibrant colors that you chose to "throw" on the models. I know it takes a lot of time putting together a project like this and you done good you done real good my friend!! You can tell you put a lot of thought into this....AWESOME!!! I look forward to seeing what you next project will be. Again...this is great!! #chasingdreams!!!
Linda jones(non-registered)
ok so now I have a second favorite !! The one that is mixed with the blue and purple!! That is so cool !!!! The model looks like she is having a blast with it and I love that!! Can't wait to see more !!!

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