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February 10, 2015  •  3 Comments

Hello world, 

So..there were so many images that were captured during this session that I decided to break the blog up into 2 separate post followed by a BTS blog explaining some of the technical stuff. Make sure you check back to review Part 2 and the BTS blogs!!!

Where do I begin - Like most creative photographers we have a black book of "ideas we would like to accomplish" throughout our career. I am no different. My list is extremely long but i'm starting to knock them out slowly but surely. I don't think people really understand what goes into planning a concept and ensuring that you have all the necessary pieces in order to make it SUCCESSFUL. Let me break it down for you.

1st - I reviewed my "Easy as pie" list (yes - that's what my list is called. Some refer to it as a "bucket list") to determine what concept I wanted to execute first, and being the indecisive CANCER that I am - this was not an easy task. After going round and round and round in my thought process I finally decided on "Splatter".

2nd - I reached out to my team and advised them of the concept to get their feedback. All thumbs up! So let's roll.

3rd - Now the planning begins. How many models will I need? Will I need an assistant or two or three? Location? What color paint did I want to use? Which color would work best for what skin tone. So many questions. In my search for the perfect models for this project, I decided to put out a Casting Call on Facebook and Instagram. After reviewing COUNTLESS emails, my team and I collectively narrowed it down to our TOP 4 models. Notified the models that were selected and provided all the details needed for the day of the shoot. 

4th - Assistants (extra hands) Luckily for me, I know a few good photographer that also happen to be really good friends. In thinking about the overall concept and what was needed I decided to select 3 assistants. 

5th - After all the minor details where in tact (LOL) I sat down with my team and we finalized everything that we would need to pull this off. 

6th -The last few days before the project I spent running errands to gather supplies and other items needed; like snacks, buckets, paint, tarps, tarps, and more tarps. lol I begin preparing the studio for tomorrow's shoot.

The night before a big shoot is always the worse for me. I can never sleep due to all the excitement and my mind is running a million miles a minute making sure I didn't forget anything important. Finally, I'm able to relax just hours before my alarm goes off.


Our first model arrived on location at 9am along with my 3 assistants shortly thereafter. After introducing her to the team we go straight to hair and makeup. While all that is taking place, my assistants and I continue preparing the studio for the shoot. Strategically planning how and where things would be hung, taped and clamped - we are just about ready to shoot. Of course we couldn't let models have all the fun, so they covered themselves in large trash bags and quickly became my test lighting subjects. Lighting checked :) As you could imagine we quickly got carried away, but our playtime was short-lived as our first model was now ready. As we began shooting - the rest of the models began to trickle in. They all sat by and watched as they knew that they would be the next victim ( i mean model) that would be "splattered" next. bahahahahaha! After shooting just a few frames - the team and I instantly knew these images where going to be in the running as some of our favorites.

Each of the models can attest to the fact that this concept was fun albeit challenging...however, they each did an AMAZING job! it's not easy having water thrown at your face while trying not to blink nor move. #BEASTMODE

As the photographer for this concept - I am completely overwhelmed at how things turned out. I simply couldn't have asked for a better team of people to work with. I can't thank you all enough for believing in my vision. I'm humbled.

There are soooo many details that I can write surrounding that day but i'll get to what you all want to see and that's the final images. 

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the support of my AMAZING TEAM! 

Hair/Makeup: Donnie of IC Beauty

Models: Dominika, Janae, Beth and Natasha

My awesome assistants: Ross, Brian, David and Wendy

Location: DWPStudios 

#chasingdreams #bowdownproductions #teamDWP

...and here are the results. 

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(ABOVE) "When I first met Dimitri, prior to our shoot, I knew that working with him will be fun and stress-free. He is a very easy going person, who is absolutely dedicated and passionate about photography. Our first shoot together was not an easy one, concept wise. However, his cheerful personality and patience made the process a lot easier. I'm looking forward to working with Dimitri in the future, combining DWP's and Bow Down's creativity." -Dominika with BowDown

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Linda jones(non-registered)
omg !! Love these !!!! How cool are these pictures !! My favorite is the one with with blue paint. That blue just pops !!!! Keep up the great work !!! Love you !
Delon Fletcher(non-registered)
Wow! As I was looking at the images I was taken a back for a moment. Your conceptual output on this campaign amazing on so many tiers! Continue to PUSH the frickin' envelope, and BREAK every mold!

I'm excited to see your progress in the "Chase"; and know that I'm on the sidelines cheering for you, as you hone in on the "Dream!"

Delon B. Fletcher
James Ward(non-registered)
Great concept and great imagery!!!! You da man!!!
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