Energetic, enthusiastic, motivated, creative, compassionate, driven, and determined is just a snapshot to visualizing Dimitri Williams. A self taught photographer who sees everything through a different lens that only leaves others in awe of the new creations. There are listings of accolades to date of Dimitri’s passion of photographer but below is a highlighted list that reflects the light of his work.

*Oxygen Magazine & Social Magazines
*National Book Cover
*Recording Artist Album Covers (2)
*Marketing Material
*Carolina Connect Magazine Cover referenced as one of Carolina’s big 3 photographers.
*2011 Robson Spinelli Project Executive Photographer

It’s a hard task for Dimitri to identify his most exciting experiences as every project formulates an opportunity to positively affect someone’s life through his high key talent of photography. From the background to the forefront and through the contrast, Dimitri utilizes his camera to filter new perspectives of each client, creating individual masterpieces.