Dimitri Williams Photography (DWP) | Beyond the Red Rope
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Beyond the Red Rope

July 09, 2013  •  4 Comments

In this business we find inspiration from some of the most random places. Whether it be from walking along the docks of a pier, watching the waves crash against the shoreline or reading the Elle magazine, only to discover your next beauty idea. In this case the inspiration for this session came from working with an amazing group of people on a high fashion / body paint themed shoot. Let me set the tone for you.

Late Dec 2012 - Had a conversation with my makeup artist about possibly doing another body paint shoot with Katrice Clermont as I was getting bored with studio work, but this time lets incorporate a more high fashion theme. She agreed and reached out to Katrice to see if she would be interested in helping create this vision. She was definately on board and now the fun part...planning and organizing.

First, lets decided on the concept. Body paint mixed with fashion mixed with another amazing model dressed as a guy who will be admiring our lovely painted model. - Done!

Secondly, we have to find the perfect model for this theme. Well that's never an easy task as we all have high expectation and I tend to be very picky :) None the less, we put out a casting call to find the perfect models. After review, approx 30 candidates collectively we narrowed it down to two. Lauren Long (who we all love and have worked with several times before) and McKenzie. Unfortunately, for personal reasons McKenzie was not able to participate in this shoot. So now the fun begins - trying to find another model with only 4 days to the scheduled shoot date. Truth be told, yea I was freaking out a little...ok a lot. But that's how it goes in this business, nothing is always perfect and you always have to have a plan B or C. Once again, Katrice saved the day and reached out to a model (Becky Davis) that she has worked with previously and luckily she agreed and was available.Dimitri Meltdown avoided.

Finally, deciding on wardrobe and location. Luckily, Katrice was able to pull double duty as she is also a stylist. After a few facebook messages between the three of us (gotta love the group fb chat feature), we now have selected the overall look for both models, not to mention the perfect location which was the Metropolitan Mansion :) Donnie of IC Beauty came up with some amazing makeup and hair concepts that went perfectly with this theme. Kind of a retro/pin-up hair style in which we all instantly fell in love with.

Day of the shoot - January 19th 2013

9:30am - Becky and Katrice arrive onsite to begin the body painting.

12pm - DWP arrives onsite to begin setting up lighting and scoping out the location along with our second model Lauren.

1pm - IC Beauty arrives onsite to begin Hair/Makeup.

3pm - We are all fired up and ready to begin shooting. 6 hours of shooting and its a wrap :)

Now the fun part for the photographer begins. Processing and reviewing the images from our session. I must say that this was a hard one for me because with all the talent that was involved it was hard for me to narrow down what I felt where the best images. It wasn't any fault to the makeup/hair or body paint because they were outstanding. However, there were just several things that from a photography standpoint I would have done differently.  At least i'm honest about it...LOL Hence the reason these images are just now being posted. I must say a HUGE thank you to Donnie and Katrice for believing in me and making me realize that I was just being hard on myself. You guys were a great support system and i truly appreciate it, more than I could ever express. So after 7 months of waiting I present to you a handful of my favorite images from our session. I hope you all enjoy them.

"This was an exciting project on so many different levels. It exhaled beauty, fashion, sophistication, vintage glam with a modern day spin. Bringing in body paint gave it an even more creative appeal. The team was amazing - great execution of concept." - Katrice Clermont

Always wanting to push our talents beyond the boundaries.



Photographer: Dimitri Williams Photography (DWP)

Hair/Makeup: Donnie of IC Beauty (www.icbeautynu.com)

Styling/Body Paint: Katrice Clermont of Katrice Clermont Body Paint Artistry (www.katriceclermont.com)

Models: Becky Davis (body painted) and Lauren Long



_MG_5046-Edit-2 _MG_5069-Edit-2 _MG_5105-Edit _MG_5146-Edit _MG_5150-Edit _MG_5160-Edit _MG_5166-Edit _MG_5176-Edit _MG_5246-Edit




Incredible shoot and write up. I am absolutely wowed to have had the opportunity to be part of this team. This was hands down the most enjoyable and creative shoot I've been on. Always a pleasure working with Dimitri and Katrice, and Lauren and Donni were nothing short of fantastic! The images are phenomenal!
K Clermont(non-registered)
Great article! Through all the hard work and patience, this was beyond my expectations...well, nah I expected it to be what it is because of this multi-talented and motivated team :) This was well worth the wait! Much love and thanks to Dimitri, Donni, Lauren and Becky!
This was by far one of my favorite shoots that I've done. The hair/make-up/styling was beautiful, the photography was insightful and incredibly professional, the model I was working with was so fun and creative, and the entire atmosphere on set was incredible. Pure magic - love it!
Awesome concept and execution. Great work by all. The body paint is flawless, the concept of the paint and clothing rocks and the lighting is spot on.
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