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August 20, 2013  •  9 Comments


“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in the moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” - Martin Luther King Jr.

This quote changed my life. 

I honestly had not made the connection between the meaning behind my “CHASING DREAMS” campaign alongside that quote and the infamous “I have a DREAM” speech given by Dr. King until this moment, writing the blog. (It’s a  complete sidebar but nonetheless INSPIRING and worth noting).

When we dissect the words of this campaign here is the meaning we are presented with:

“CHASING” – to pursue in order to catch.

“DREAMS” - successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep

“CHASING DREAMS” what does that mean to you? Have you really ever sat down and thought about it? I can honestly say that I haven’t until now. Photography was never a part of my “DREAM” and if you must know my ultimate “DREAM” was to be an architect and design amazing high-rise buildings. Well, we see how that turned out. Instead my life resulted in working as a software technician for a real estate software company, working my way up the corporate ladder over the course of 12 years. Now, I’m managing people with a minor in photography. Now how’s that for change? LOL

I reflect on where I am only to simply say this, “DREAMS” change and it is ok for them to change. Embrace failure, as it is a strong reality and confirmation that you’re trying. And through those failures you learn more about yourself and what it will take for you to achieve your "DREAMS".
“DREAMS” can be rather simple or immensely complex.  There’s more to dreaming than just having a dream. It requires action, dedication, the will or simply the want to achieve that dream. Our parents can’t dream for us – we have to dream for ourselves. Whether its graduating college, owning your own business, being a great parent to your kids, getting out of debt, starting your own rescue mission, becoming a fashion designer, model, photographer, being a mentor, being a friend, be a husband, being a wife, reaching your fitness goals to live a healthier life…whatever your "DREAMS" are, do whatever it is to CHASE them. More importantly, INSPIRE others along the way. Allow your "DREAMS" to promote positivity in others.

I never dreamt of being where I am today as a photographer, but I am more thankful for the growth and the lives that I’ve been able to touch through this art. It was just a mere hobby in the beginning. But now to have someone say “Thank you for what you do, you’ve inspired me to follow my dream,” it’s the most profound feeling ever.

So I ask you my friends, what are your "DREAMS" and are you CHASING them? Share your story by commenting below. What you have been through may be the inspiration that someone else needs to begin his or her journey.

This campaign is bigger than you and I. It’s about fostering more positivity in our everyday lives and leading by example. It’s about teaching our kids of today that no "DREAMS" is out of their reach.

My name is Dimitri Williams, and I AM “CHASING DREAMS" 


Join us in our campaign buy purchasing and wearing your "CHASING DREAMS" band proudly. Send us pictures of you wearing your band or Chasing Dreams shirts and via social media we will share it with all of our fans. 

20% of all purchases from the “CHASING DREAMS” campaign will be donated to the MAKE-A-Wish foundation to help someone else reach their DREAMS.

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"Chasing Dreams"

Chasing Dreams Band



KSH Couture(non-registered)
Dimitri - I LOVE this!!! These 2 things in particular:

“CHASING” – to pursue in order to catch. - "in order to catch" love that. A lot of times people chase without an intention to catch, just putting out minimal effort to satisfy themselves into thinking they're pursuing. To really catch requires the hard work and determination you spoke of.

Also love that your dreams may change - mine sure did! Never intended to do fashion design.

Love this post - definitely inspiring and encouraging to those of us who are chasing our dreams.

You rock!!! Thanks for being such a great example to all of us!
Andrea W(non-registered)
Dimitri - Love the passion and energy behind your blog. In full support of this campaign! Our dreams change and shift as we ourselves change over time... I, too, am still chasing mine. :)
K Clermont(non-registered)
This is great Dimitri! I'm all for "chasing dreams" - never stop, never will. Most importantly, is having someone to inspire and motivate - not only themselves - but the next person...to chase theirs!
Martha Edwards Smith
Dearest Dimitri, what you are doing is profound! I have so many dreams, as everyone else does, and having lived a long time, I realize how they change, remain the same, have to be put on hold and the intense joy of seeing them realized. I want to think about this....your words are such an encouragement for us all!! Oddly enough, there are two quotes that have remained in the back of my mind since childhood. One that was said by John F. Kennedy, but I think was first put forth by Kahlil Gibran (sp.?), "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country." The other was said by Dr. Martin Luther King, "I have a dream." It is the last quote and the person of Dr. King that has truly stayed with me....he was not about the anger and strife we have today....he was...like you, pursuing a dream for us all, in kindness and encouragement...hoping the best for all of us....but knowing that that dream, as all dreams, takes work and focus to achieve. BUT...MOST IMPORTANTLY, it takes working together in love and kindness to achieve the true, "PRIZE" Thank you, Dimitri, for reaching out to ALL of us, to help us achieve our dreams. Martha Edwards Smith
Sophia Hyder(non-registered)
This is such an awe-inspiring blog Dimitri. I can feel the energy and spark behind this amazing campaign. In 2010, I realized my dreams weren't fulfilled with the kind of work I was doing. I was proving my worth to other people, not to myself. It was at that point where I figured out my two favorite passions: international development work and fashion - to combine those two things, to inspire and create confidence in people is what I wanted to do forever and a lifetime. The past three years have not been easy towards making this dream come true, after quitting my job, getting into a near-death accident, and standing on my own two feet. But I smile everyday knowing that my dreams are coming true with hard work, dedication, and support of my loved ones. LESSON LEARNED: Anything is possible with faith and action.
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